Balkonkraftwerke - Übersicht über der Montagemöglichkeiten

Balcony power plants - overview of the mounting options

Rising electricity prices and the desire for environmentally friendly energy generation have led to more and more people becoming interested in installing solar systems in recent years. A particularly practical variant are so-called balcony power plants, which are easy and uncomplicated to install and can still generate an amazing amount of electricity. But which mounting systems are best suited for balcony power plants? In this blog post, we will introduce you to the various options, starting with mounting on the balcony railing and ending with installation on the roof. So you can decide for yourself which variant best suits your needs and possibilities.

Classic on the balcony railing

Time required: about 1 hour
Difficulty: medium
Price: high

One of the classic ways of installing a balcony power station is to attach it to the balcony railing. This method is particularly convenient because it does not require additional space, and the solar system can be connected directly to the household power source. There are two different types of balcony railings: round and square . Depending on the shape of the railing, there are special brackets that ensure safe installation of the balcony power plant.

However, it is important to note that the solar panels of a balcony power station are quite heavy and the balcony railing may not be rated for the load. It is therefore advisable to first prepare the assembly on a table or the floor and only then to carry out the actual suspension on the balcony railing with the help of a second person. In this way you can ensure that the balcony power plant is stable and securely fastened and at the same time ensures efficient energy production.

Elevation in the garden or on the balcony

Time required: about 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Price: medium

Another way to install a balcony power plant is to mount it in the garden or on a flat roof such as a garage. Here, the solar module is placed on an elevation that is aligned in such a way that the module is optimally aligned to the sun. This method is particularly suitable for people who do not have a balcony or who want to install their solar system somewhere other than the balcony.

Elevation in the garden or on a flat roof is the simplest type of assembly, as everything can usually be assembled on site. However, professional alignment is essential to ensure the highest possible energy efficiency. With such an installation, you can also generate renewable energy on unused space and thus make a contribution to environmental protection.

tile roof

Time required: about 2 hours
Difficulty: Requires manual dexterity
Price: low

Another mounting variant for balcony power plants is installation on a tiled roof . However, this method requires a little more effort than the variants mentioned above, since the roof membrane has to be opened in order to mount the solar system. The attachment is screwed directly onto the rafters of the roof to ensure secure and stable anchoring.

Although this type of assembly seems more complex, it is the most popular variant for many customers in our shop. Many of our customers use existing outbuildings such as garden houses or sheds to install their balcony power plants there. In this way, they can maximize their renewable energy production while making good use of the existing infrastructure.

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