DeyeGate  SUN600G3-EU-230 - Umgang bei Corrently.Energy

DeyeGate SUN600G3-EU-230 - Handling at Corrently.Energy

Some YouTubers have found out that when at least two series (sizes) of the Deye inverters are approved, a relay that is necessary for the validity of the certification is not installed. Cleanthinking reports on this in a detailed blog post .

Corrently.Energy also has one of the series in its range for currently €155. We have now decided to artificially set the inventory to "0" for the time being, so that this inverter cannot be ordered. In the 600 watt class, we will try to purchase the Hoymiles 600 in larger quantities in the short term so that a comparable price to the Deye 600 is possible.

We are leaving the 1000W and 2000W series of Deye inverters in the program for the time being until we have more information here.

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