Wie hoch ist die Rendite von Balkonkraftwerken?

What is the yield of balcony power plants?

Discover in this article what return you can expect from a balcony power plant. Learn how to calculate your investments in a balcony power plant and which factors influence the return. Learn more about the benefits of balcony power plants and how clean energy can save you money.

Why a balcony power plant?

Balcony power plants are an efficient and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. Installation is easy and requires no special knowledge. The Balcony Power Plant can be installed by anyone without a permit as long as it meets certain requirements.

Another advantage of balcony power plants is that they do not require maintenance and have a long service life. They are also an affordable alternative to larger solar panels and can reduce the average household's electricity consumption by up to 30%. A standard balcony power plant has an annual yield of around 575 kilowatt hours .

Functionality of balcony power plants

A balcony power plant consists of solar modules and an inverter. The solar panels convert the sunlight into DC power, which is then converted into AC power by the inverter. The inverter transfers the electricity to the mains grid of the house connection, where it can be used directly.

When is a balcony power plant worthwhile?

Installing a balcony power plant is particularly worthwhile if the household's energy requirements occur during the day and there is sufficient solar radiation. Since the electricity produced can be used directly in the home, electricity consumption from the public grid decreases, which leads to savings.

In addition, investing in a balcony power plant makes particular sense when the electricity price is high and the remuneration for the electricity fed into the grid is attractive. However, the yield also depends on the size of the balcony power plant and the solar radiation, so it can be difficult to accurately estimate the yield in advance.

Whether a plug-in PV system on the balcony is worthwhile can be determined, for example, with the yield forecast , which takes into account the location, the inclination and the orientation to the south.

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