Answers to balcony power plants

With plug-in solar systems - also known as balcony or guerrilla systems - tenants and owners of condominiums become active green electricity producers, save money in the long term and protect the climate even more. That's why we decided to include plug-in solar systems in our portfolio and actively offer them to our customers.

How does a balcony power plant work?

The balcony power plant system is a compact photovoltaic system. It consists of solar modules and a module inverter for feeding into your own electrical house supply network. Ideally, the module inverter is attached directly to the substructure of the solar module on the outside. The module is connected to the module inverter via standard plugs. Then the 230V output cable of the inverter is connected to any house socket. Complete. The difference to a large photovoltaic system, as we have known up to now, is that the electricity produced is not sold to the network operator at a high price, but is fed directly into your own electrical consumer network. This immediately reduces electricity costs, since the self-generated amount of electricity does not have to be purchased from the electricity supplier.

Why should I buy a balcony power plant?

Because it produces part of the electricity required in the household and thus significantly reduces the total expenditure on electricity. In addition, exactly this proportion is not produced in a coal/gas or nuclear power plant in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

How much electricity does the balcony power plant produce?

This depends on the location of the plant. There are computer programs that have saved the empirical values ​​of the last few years for each region in Germany and use them to create a yield forecast with considerable accuracy.

For the Würzburg region, for example, a module with 380 Wp Solar power harvest of approx. 640 kWh per year.

With a current electricity price of around 40 cents gross This module saves around 225 euros in the first year.

How do I see how much electricity is being produced?

You can purchase an energy cost meter for the socket from us.

Good devices not only show the current and total amount of electricity generated, but also the average savings in euros. To do this, however, the current electricity purchase price must be entered in cents per kWh.

Can I disconnect the system from the mains during operation?

Yes, that is possible without any problems. The balcony power plant can be safely disconnected from or connected to the grid at any time.

How is the connection made?

The balcony power plant system can be installed very easily and quickly by anyone with technical experience. No special tools are required for assembly. In some European countries, the balcony power plant system with a Schuko plug can be plugged directly into any socket. In Germany, a fixed connection is required. For simple and proper connection, we recommend using a Wieland power socket.

Do I need a separate balcony power plant for each phase?

No. Electricity meters with a backstop are netting. This means that the electricity generated on one phase is offset against the electricity consumed on another phase. For example, if you have connected consumers with 1000 watts of power to phase 1 and produce 1000 watts with your balcony power plant on phase 3 of your electricity network, the electricity meter automatically offsets the phases with each other and shows no consumption in total. On the other hand, if you consume 1200 watts on one phase and generate 1000 watts on another phase, the electricity meter only counts the 200 watts that are more consumed. Due to the billing of the electricity meter, it is therefore irrelevant in which of the three phases in your home network you feed in and to which the consumers are connected.