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900W/800W balcony power station with air conditioning up to 80 m³ - bundle

900W/800W balcony power station with air conditioning up to 80 m³ - bundle

Eigene erneuerbare Energie, Effiziente Solarnutzung, Reduzierter Energieverbrauch, Nachhaltige Energieversorgung, Angenehmes Raumklima

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A balcony power plant and air conditioning create an excellent combination of ecological and comfortable solutions for the home. The balcony power plant allows you to generate your own renewable energy while making efficient use of the sun's power. By installing solar modules on the balcony, the electricity produced can be used directly. At the same time, air conditioning can ensure pleasant temperatures in the interior, especially on hot summer days. By using the self-generated solar power to operate the air conditioning system, the energy consumption from the public grid is reduced and the ecological footprint is reduced. This combination makes it possible to meet your energy needs in a sustainable way while creating a comfortable indoor climate.

balcony power plant

2x EPP 450 Watt HIEFF solar module Black frame
1x EPP-800W / DEYE-800W / NEP-800W / HM-800W with DTU / DORF-800W inverter
1x Hoymiles AC Connector - Socket
1x Hoymiles AC socket cap
1x 10 meters + Schuko plug

Air conditioning: Nedis SmartLife 3-in-1

This Nedis SmartLife 3-in-1 air conditioner with 9,000 BTU and WiFi is the ideal solution for really hot summer days and nights. Without lowering the temperature in your office, living room or bedroom, the heat is almost unbearable. But you can look forward to the long periods of heat with equanimity. With the Nedis Smart mobile air conditioner you avoid sleepless nights and sweating at your desk. This intelligent and energy-efficient air conditioner easily cools rooms up to a size of 80 m³.

Remote controllable with the free NEDIS SmartLife app
Connect the smart mobile air conditioner to your WiFi network and download the NEDIS SmartLife app. You can easily control the air conditioner remotely with the app or use voice activation with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The air conditioning is also equipped with a remote control as standard. So you no longer have to take an unnecessary step to regulate the temperature. Set the desired temperature - the air conditioning will take care of the rest! You haven't had a WiFi connection for a long time? Don't worry because you always have the option to control the air conditioner from your control panel.

Have you cooled a room to the desired temperature? Then you can easily move the system to the next room on castors. The supplied air hose with a diameter of 150 mm also discharges the warm air there. An optional air conditioning window seal kit for easy attachment of the hose to the outside is available as an additional accessory. You can buy this as a second window seal kit for another room. The powerful air conditioner cools, ventilates and dehumidifies every room! No other fan can keep up!

The Nedis SmartLife mobile air conditioner is also equipped with a switch-off timer function and a sleep mode and has an elegant and compact design. It is easy to maintain and easy to store at the end of the summer season, making it easy to reactivate even during late heat waves.

Always keep a distance of 50 cm between the device and the surrounding walls and objects.

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