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Bluetti solar panel PV120 (foldable)

Bluetti solar panel PV120 (foldable)

Tragbar, Spritzfest, Hohe Effizienz, Vielseitige Kompatibilität, Zuverlässig

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The Bluetti PV 120 is a compact off-grid power supply solution that was specially developed for mobile use. Its foldable and portable design makes it easy to carry and ideal for outdoor adventures or use in remote areas.

The PV 120 is rugged and splash resistant, which means it can withstand the challenges of different environments and perform reliably even in adverse weather conditions. With its high conversion efficiency, it can efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy, providing you with a sustainable power source.

Another advantage of the Bluetti PV 120 is its broad compatibility. It features various ports and sockets to charge or connect a variety of devices including laptops, smartphones, cameras and more. Whether you're working on the go or need to charge your electronic devices, the PV 120 is there for you.

With a high efficiency of 23.4%, the Bluetti PV 120 is one of the most powerful portable solar energy solutions on the market. This means you can harvest more power from the sun, giving you longer run times and a more reliable power supply.

In short, the Bluetti PV 120 offers reliable off-grid power supply in a foldable and portable design. It is robust, splash-proof and is characterized by high efficiency and broad compatibility. Regardless of whether you are just out and about or need an emergency power source, the PV 120 is the ideal choice.

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