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Corrently DIY Photovoltaic System with 2 Solar Panels and Mounting Accessories for Tile Roof

Corrently DIY Photovoltaic System with 2 Solar Panels and Mounting Accessories for Tile Roof

Selbstmontage, Hoher Ertrag, Komplettset, Langlebige Solarmodule, Zuverlässige Garantie

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Assemble your photovoltaic system yourself. Our do-it-yourself package contains 2 solar modules (380 Wp) and a suitable assembly set. The package can be combined with any of our other sets to form a large roof system.

  • Plan it yourself, assemble it yourself
  • High-quality photovoltaic module for maximum yield
  • Complete set with all individual parts
  • Assembly instructions + video (and of course our support )
  • No waiting for available tradesmen

2 * 380 Watt Hieff Solar Panel Black

Monocrystalline solar cells are characterized by their high quality and the high level of efficiency they can achieve. They are produced in a complex manufacturing process.

Their long service life, their robustness, their low susceptibility to external influences and their simple assembly. They are particularly suitable for use on small roof areas that face south, where high solar power yields can be achieved with monocrystalline solar modules.

Reliability & Certification

  • Product guarantee: 12 years
  • linear performance guarantee
  • Hot Spot Free Guarantee
  • German guarantee conditions
  • 12 years: 90.7% power output
  • 25 years: 80.2% power output

380 Wp HIEFF solar module

Technical specifications

Article specification
Maximum power (Pmax) 380
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 34.3
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 08/11
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 41.6
Short circuit current (Isc) 11.65
Module efficiency (%) 20.86
Maximum system voltage DC 1500V(TUV) / DC 1000V(TUV)
Maximum in-line fuse rating 20A

assembly data

dimension 1755x1038x30mm
Weight 19.5 kgs
windscreen 3.2mm tempered glass
output cable 4mm² / symmetrical lengths / 1100mm
connections MC4 compatible IP68
cell type Monocrystalline PERC half cell / 83mm x16mm
number of cells 120 cells

Mounting package tiled roof for 2 modules

Thanks to the quick connection and the few components, a smooth and time-saving installation can be guaranteed. The system can be installed both upright and transverse to the roof. The module is attached using the click clamp.


6x roof hooks 3 pcs.
18x flat head screws
10x hammer head screws M10x25
10x locking nut M10
4x profile end caps
4x 1.20 aluminum profile 40×40 light
2x profile connectors
8x self-tapping screws ST4.8*19
2x middle clamps 30-42mm
4x end clamps 30-42mm
4x Allen screws M8x1.5
4x sliding block

Video: Instructions

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