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400 watt black solar modules solar system HIEFF photovoltaic solar panel

400 watt black solar modules solar system HIEFF photovoltaic solar panel

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Monocrystalline solar cells are characterized by their high quality and the high level of efficiency they can achieve. They are produced in a complex manufacturing process.

Corrently 400 Watt Full Black solar modules solar system HIEFF photovoltaic solar panel

The Corrently 400W monocrystalline, half-cell modules of PERC technology have high module power, low temperature coefficient, which has a positive effect on yield at higher module temperatures, and excellent low-light performance. The high-performance solar modules with an efficiency of up to 21.3% and excellent behavior in weak light are a guarantee for high output output.

Monocrystalline solar cells are characterized by their high quality and the high level of efficiency they can achieve. They are produced in a complex manufacturing process.

The advantages: their long service life, their robustness, their low susceptibility to external influences and their simple installation. They are particularly suitable for use on small roof areas that face south, where high solar power yields can be achieved with monocrystalline solar modules.

Applications of monocrystalline solar cells

The solar panel can be used in many ways. Whether as a large-scale system for economical grid feed-in on single or multi-family houses or self-sufficient stand-alone systems without a grid connection. On mobile homes, boats, small gardens or small houses of all kinds. However, a battery is then required for this.

Monocrystalline solar cells from EPP Solar can be optimally used for all of these areas of application.

EPP Solar is committed to a sustainable future and offers electrical solutions for new and existing applications. We stand for particularly high-quality and particularly durable technology with EV products and accessories that meet your requirements.


  • Positive performance tolerance
  • Withstand Heavy Snow Load 8000Pa/ Wind Load 8000Pa
  • New technology: Hieff up to 20.86% - higher area yield, lower BOS costs, higher performance classes and an efficiency of up to 20.86%.
  • Product with Hieff from EPP Technologies - EPP combines state-of-the-art cell separation and innovative 9-busbar design with EPP technology

Reliability & Certification

  • Product guarantee: 12 years
  • linear performance guarantee
  • Hot Spot Free Guarantee
  • German guarantee conditions
  • 12 years: 90.7% power output
  • 25 years: 80.2% power output

DURABLE AND MAINTENANCE-FREE: Our monocrystalline photovoltaic modules achieve a very high level of efficiency and the service life is at least 20 to 30 years. The maintenance effort is also very low, since there is hardly any wear on the solar module. The solar module is often used when there are space problems or statistical challenges.

SAFE AND INNOVATIVE: The technology of the monocrystalline photovoltaic solar module technology is considered one of the most advanced solar module technology. On average, it requires much less roof space to generate sustainable energy compared to other technologies. Provided with an IP65 protective device and therefore has a protection against accidental contact. Therefore, dust cannot penetrate and the electrical system is protected against water jets from all directions.

Hotspot Free Guarantee

The hot spot effect occurs when individual solar cells are in the shade within the series connection in the solar module. These shaded cells cannot generate any electrical voltage themselves and instead act like an electrical resistance, since they are operated in the blocking range of their current-voltage characteristic. The other cells connected in series continue to generate an electrical voltage. If this voltage exceeds the blocking voltage of the shaded cells, the blocking voltage is broken through and full current flows. The voltage then drops like in an electrical resistance and is converted into heat, the cell can overheat to the point of destruction.

Technical table

product specification
Article 400W
Maximum power (Pmax) 400
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 30.83
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 12.98
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 36.93
Short circuit current (Isc) 13.76
Module efficiency (%) 20.46
Maximum system voltage DC 1500V(TUV) / DC 1000V(TUV)
Maximum in-line fuse rating 25A
mechanical data
Article specification
dimension 1724x1134x30mm
Weight 21.5kgs
windscreen 3.2mm tempered glass
output cable 4mm2 symmetrical lengths1100mm
connections MC4 compatible IP68
cell type Monocrystalline PERC half cell 9BB 91x182mm
number of cells 108 cells

Price per Wp: €0.31 ( 3rd place )

Sales tax will no longer apply to deliveries of photovoltaic systems from January 1, 2023 if they are installed on or near a residential building (zero tax rate). The regulation applies to all components of a photovoltaic system, e.g. B. photovoltaic modules, inverters or battery storage.

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