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Glue set Dekalin 6270134 DEKAsyl MS-5 white 290ml power glue / decavator / wool wiper / cleaning cloth

Glue set Dekalin 6270134 DEKAsyl MS-5 white 290ml power glue / decavator / wool wiper / cleaning cloth

UV-Beständig, Hohe Haftwirkung, Elastische Verbindungen, Schnell aushärtend, Vielseitige Anwendungen

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In addition to the 290ml MS-5 Dekasyl cartridge, the practical Dekalin adhesive set (white) also contains the Dekalin Dekavator 30ml, a DEKACLEAN cleaning cloth, as well as a brush and a wool wipe for roughening the surface. In short - all components are included that are required for optimal pre-treatment of the surfaces and for processing the adhesive.

Dekasyl MS-5 is an MS polymer-based adhesive with high adhesion and green strength, suitable for producing elastic connections of components. Due to its high initial adhesion, clamping times can be reduced or jamming can be completely eliminated. In addition, Dekasyl MS-5 can also be used as a sealant when joining similar materials (of similar stiffness) or when mechanical fastening methods are used.


  • Elastic connections and sealing in train, caravan, mobile home and truck construction.
  • Bonding of windows in buses, trains, caravans and mobile homes.
  • Bonding of edge profiles of trailers with aluminum or polyester.
  • Bonding of polyester parts with metal frames.


  • Free from solvents, isocyanate and PVC.
  • Very good UV resistance and aging resistance.
  • High initial strength. Generally good adhesion without primer on various substrates.
  • Permanently elastic in the temperature range from -40°C to +120°C.
  • Neutral, odorless and fast curing.
  • Recoatable (wet on wet) once the skin has formed, this generally does not affect cure.
  • Compatible with most industrial paint systems, both alkyd and emulsified (due to the large number of different types of industrial paints, a compatibility test is recommended!).

We recommend only using our spoilers and roof ducts with the Dekalin Dekasyl adhesive in conjunction with the Dekalin DEKAvator, as this has been tested in a test laboratory and has achieved the best results there.

Why Dekasyl?

Manufacturers of caravans and mobile homes such as Fendt, Dethleffs, Burstner, Carthago, Pilote and Hymer use Dekalin products in many areas. They choose Dekalin for sealing roofs, for side strips, for all parts mounted in side panels, for underbody protection, for gluing PMMA windows, soundproofing and engine covers, as well as in countless other areas of application. As a partner to the global caravan and camper industry, Dekalin offers a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and thus supports manufacturers in implementing their requirements. We offer special solutions in the areas of sealing, gluing, insulating and repairing.

other product information

  • Adhesive color: white
  • Scope of delivery: 1 cartridge 290ml Dekalin 6252212 Dekasyl MS-5 power adhesive white, 1 wool wiper, 1x Dekalin DEKAVATOR 6257812 bottle 30ml, DEKACLEAN cleaning cloths
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