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Offgridtec solar panel OLP 100W

Offgridtec solar panel OLP 100W

Overlapping-Design, Hoher Wirkungsgrad, Homogene Optik, Weniger Verlust bei Verschattung, PERC-Technologie

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The Offgridtec OLP 100W is a powerful 12V solar module with innovative overlapping design wafer assembly and has dimensions that almost reach the range of high-performance solar modules. The shingle arrangement of the wafers ensures an optimal current flow through minimized power losses and a significantly higher module efficiency through better space utilization. The PERC technology used improves light absorption and increases the power output.

Highlights of Offgridtec's OLP series

  • Unique module design with overlapping wafer arrangement (overlapping design) ensures a very high module efficiency through better use of space and reduces power losses due to line resistance.
  • Modern, homogeneous look with no visible conductor tracks.
  • Innovative PERC technology ensures improved absorption at longer wavelengths, eg at flat irradiation angles (early morning and evening) or when it is cloudy
  • Less loss in partial shading
  • Thanks to finishing according to the overlapping design, the module has a nominal power of 100W and a space requirement of just 988 x 560 x 30mm. The cell efficiency is over 23%.

Innovative PERC technology

The key technology of the PERC technology (passivated emitter rear cell) in the Offgridtec OLP solar modules ensures that the solar cells are more efficient. On the back of the cell, a dielectric layer is created between the conventional aluminum metallization and the silicon wafer layer, which is provided with tiny holes using a laser. This dielectric layer reflects light that penetrates to the back without generating charge carriers, into the solar cell. The reflection gives the photons a "second chance" to generate electricity. In addition to the higher efficiency at different wavelengths and the increased probability that electrons contribute to the performance, PERC technology contributes to lower system costs and an increase in area energy yield.

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