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Electricity collective - portfolio simulation (generation and consumption)

Electricity collective - portfolio simulation (generation and consumption)

Erzeugungs-Verbrauchs-Analyse, Portfolio-Optimierung, Kostenreduktion, Risikominimierung, Wettbewerbsfähigkeit

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A simulation of the portfolio, in which the generation for every 15 minutes of a year is compared to the electricity consumption, can help to identify the dependency of electricity generation and electricity marketing with external market participants and to quantify the internal value creation of the electricity collective.

The simulation provides a multi-page report that enables the electricity collective to identify the optimization potential for both the generation and the consumption side. Based on these results, the electricity collective's business model can be adjusted in order to achieve possible savings or to improve competitiveness.

Through the simulation, the electricity collective can also predict the effects of different scenarios and decisions on the portfolio. This can help to minimize risks and seize opportunities.

Overall, the simulation of the portfolio helps to make the decisions of the power collective on a solid basis. By regularly updating the simulation, changes in the energy market can be quickly identified and the electricity collective can react quickly to new developments in order to remain competitive.

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