Balcony power plants: assembly instructions for the balcony railing


In these assembly instructions, you will learn how the balcony railing bracket is easily, quickly and securely attached to a solar module, hung on a balcony railing and firmly connected to the mounting rail. Just like the mounting rail is securely attached to a balcony railing. Despite the highest quality standards, metal parts may have sharp edges. We recommend wearing work gloves during assembly.

Commissioning of the system

The generally recognized rules of technology (VDE regulations or VDE application rules) and mains connection guidelines must be observed.

Static / Structural Requirements

Check whether the static requirements of your balcony railing are sufficient to absorb additional loads. Find out more about the requirements for the installation of plants and systems in your state building code.

test periods

  • Once a year check the screw connections and nuts for tightness.
  • Once a year check mechanical components (balcony railings) mounting brackets, module clamps, mounting rails for tightness and any visual changes.
  • Press the test button on all RCCBs twice a year.


The balcony railing fastening system is only permitted for glass/glass modules with overhead approval. We have carefully checked that the content of these assembly instructions matches the fittings shown. We reserve the right to make changes or change the technical data at any time. The assertion of rights based on the instructions, illustrations, drawings or descriptions is therefore excluded. Subject to possible errors, the provider is not liable for damage resulting from assembly errors, improper or non-intended use or unauthorized repairs or changes. The exclusion of liability applies to assemblies that deviate from these instructions.

Optical anomalies / scratches in the materials

Optical anomalies or scratches on the balcony railing mounting brackets, the special clamps or the mounting rail caused by industrial manufacturing are not defects and will not be recognized as such. Any deviations in the surface finish do not affect the safety or functionality of the overall system.

Scope of delivery of a balcony railing fastening system

  • Solar hooks (complete set including screws also for the module inverter).
  • Mounting rail 1.78m.
  • special clamps.
  • Module clamps 30-42 mm.

Required tools/material

  • 4 and 5mm Allen keys for small ratchet.
  • Torx 30 for small ratchet.
  • Socket wrench SW 8 for small ratchet.
  • Extension for small ratchet.
  • combination pliers
  • 10mm wrench.
  • Torque wrench setting range 4-10 Nm.
  • screw locking varnish.
  • working gloves

Preparation of the photovoltaic module

For a photovoltaic module in standard size (165-170 cm x 99- mounting bracket (see scope of delivery of a mounting set). In the mounting bracket for the balcony railing there are 3 pairs of tabs with a phase as an insert. Insert the balcony railing mounting bracket with the desired pair of tabs. Height of the holes in the module frame until the corresponding mounting brackets are congruent.Now insert the screw M6 x 16mm through the hole in the balcony railing mounting bracket and the hole in the module frame and place the washer on the screw.

Now put the self-locking nut on the screw and fix it lightly with an Allen key size 4/Torx 30 - do not tighten the nut tight yet.

Connect the DC plug of the photovoltaic module to the inverter. The plugs are coded to avoid confusion. Make sure the connectors snap into place. View of a fully prepared photovoltaic module for a balcony power plant with the balcony railing mounting bracket and the inverter