Balcony power plants for Ziegelhausen and Schlierbach

Reduce your electricity consumption by generating your own!

With a balcony power station, you can reduce your electricity costs by more than 15% - without much effort. No installer is required for installation, so you can use the plug & play solution as soon as you receive it and benefit from free solar energy.

Our different mounting sets offer you a wide range of mounting options, so that you can also set up your photovoltaic system on the roof, on the wall of the house or on the carport.

In addition, the city of Heidelberg subsidizes 50% of the components required for installation and commissioning. This includes photovoltaic modules, cables, inverters, plugs, if necessary the replacement of a socket and assembly material for attaching the modules.

The inverter power must not exceed 600 watts and only this maximum inverter power can be installed per billing meter.

If you want to order a complete package with mains connection and battery, the battery must be listed as a separate item, as it is not one of the eligible costs.

The funding amount is limited to 1,500 euros. For Heidelberg Pass(+) holders, the full eligible costs (maximum 1,500 euros) will be covered minus a personal contribution of 50 euros.

Source of funding information.