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MiniPV power station - 2*400W - 800W inverter

MiniPV power station - 2*400W - 800W inverter

Hohe Leistungsfähigkeit, Effektive Energieerzeugung, Zuverlässige Performance, Fortschrittliche Technologie, Nachhaltige Energieerzeugung

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Our solar panel bundle combines the performance of two high-quality EPP 400 watt solar panels with the efficiency of the Hoymiles 800 inverter to ensure reliable and effective energy production from sunlight.

The EPP 400 watt solar modules are characterized by their high nominal power and excellent performance characteristics. With advanced monocrystalline PERC technology and a cell efficiency of 20.86%, they offer impressive energy production. The modules are TÜV-certified and PID-resistant, which means that they perform reliably even under demanding environmental conditions.

The Hoymiles 800 inverter is specially designed for use with solar panels and optimizes the generated direct current power into usable alternating current. Its advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology ensures optimal energy harvest from the solar panels by continuously tracking and adjusting the maximum power point. The inverter is easy to install and has extensive protection features to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the system.

The solar panel bundle is ideal for homeowners who want to reduce their energy costs and make a contribution to protecting the environment. With a combined rated output of 800 watts and high efficiency, the bundle ensures optimal use of solar energy and contributes to sustainable energy production.

Note: The installation of this solar panel bundle should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure safe and effective integration into the existing electrical grid.
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