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Offgridtec balcony power plant 1700W HM-1500 Trina Vertex-S 425 mini-PV solar system

Offgridtec balcony power plant 1700W HM-1500 Trina Vertex-S 425 mini-PV solar system

Kostenreduzierung, Selbstversorgung, Energieerzeugung, einfache Installation, hoher Wirkungsgrad

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Offgridtec's balcony power plants offer a practical solution for generating part of the electricity required for the household yourself, thereby significantly reducing the costs for the total electricity consumption. The system includes two solar modules, a suitable micro inverter and an AC connection cable that connects the inverter to a socket. The modules are designed so that they can be installed directly next to each other.

The balcony power plant complete system contains:

  • 4x Trina Solar Vertex S TSM-DE09R.08 425W solar panel monocrystalline (Black Frame)
  • 1x Hoymiles HM-1500 inverter
  • 1x 5m connection cable Betteri BC01 socket to Schuko socket
  • 1x Betteri end cap for BC01 socket IP67 Female

Trina Solar Vertex S 425W solar panel

The Trina Solar Vertex S is a 425W solar panel with monocrystalline cells and high-density cell connection technology. Compared to the first generation Trina Vertex S 400W, the upgraded 425W solar panel can generate more energy at a lower cost, demonstrating the exceptional value of the system. Its multi-busbar technology provides more absorption, low series resistance, improved current dissipation and increased reliability.

The Trina Solar Vertex S is certified for use with wind and snow loads of 4000 - 6000 Pa (test loads). The highly transparent and heat-tempered glass is 3.2mm thick and has an anti-reflective coating. The frame features 30mm anodized aluminum alloy.


  • Multi-busbar technology
  • High efficiency of 21.3%
  • Manufacturer product guarantee: 15 years
  • Improved power generation
  • Including connection cable
  • Excellent low light performance (IAM)
  • Easy handling
  • Flexible installation solutions for system use

Multi-busbar technology

Busbars are located on each PV module. These are busbars that are permanently printed on each solar cell. They absorb the generated direct current and lead it to the busbars. By using more busbars, Trina Solar reduces shading, shortens transport routes and lowers resistance in the modules.

Technical specifications

  • Power (Pmax): 425W
  • Voltage (Vmp): 41.5V
  • Max Current (Imp): 10.24A
  • Open Circuit Voltage Voc): 49.9V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 10.74A
  • Operating temperature: -40°C - +85°C
  • Max. system voltage: 1500V DC
  • Cell efficiency: 21.3%
  • Number of cells: 144
  • Dimensions: 1762 x 1134 x 30mm
  • Weight: 21.8kg
  • Degree of protection: IP68

Hoymiles HM-1500 module inverter

The Hoymiles HM-1500 is the perfect microinverter for your balcony power station. The compact lightweight (only 3.75kg including the 2.06m AC cable) is suitable for solar power production with up to four solar panels with an output of up to 470W each. Just like all other Hoymiles microinverters, it is suitable for long hours of operation and wide PV module application because its startup is very low (only 22V) and the DC input range of operating voltage (16-60V) is extremely wide.

  • Recommended module power: up to 470W
  • Max input voltage: 60V
  • Max input current: 4*11.5A
  • Rated output power: 1500VA
  • Operating voltage range: 16~60V
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 280 x 176 x 33mm
  • Weight. 3.75kg

socket connection

The balcony power station includes a 5m AC extension cable with a Betteri BC01 plug, matching the HM-1500 inverter, on one end and an angled Schuko plug on the other end of the cable. This enables quick and uncomplicated connection to the Schuko sockets (plug type F) that are common in Germany.

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