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Solar battery AGM 12 V 100 AH for caravans, boat camping

Solar battery AGM 12 V 100 AH for caravans, boat camping

Zyklische Beanspruchung, Langlebig, Hohe Zyklenfestigkeit, Ladekapazität, Schnellladefähig

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Solar battery AGM 12 V 100 AH for caravans, boat camping

Solar battery AGM 12 V 100 AH for caravans, boat camping

The highlights at a glance

  • Article number: CG-BT-100AH
  • EAN: 4262367780223


The solar battery was specially developed for the highest cyclical stress. This makes it ideal for solar/photovoltaic use. In addition, the BIG Solar DC can be used as a consumer battery in caravans, mobile homes, boats, yachts and leisure etc. The use of reinforced and thick lead plates make this battery extremely durable. It is a premium product for high cycle stability and reliable power supply.

scope of delivery

1x Solar Battery AGM 12V 100 - (CG-BT-100AH)

components in detail

A truly innovative battery

The AGM Super Cycle batteries are the result of recent developments in battery electrochemistry. The paste of the positive plates is less sensitive to softening, even with repeated 100% battery discharge, and new additives to the electrolyte reduce sulfation during deep discharge.

Smaller and lighter

An added benefit of the new chemistry is a slightly smaller size and weight compared to our standard deep-cycle AGM batteries.

Low internal resistance

The internal resistance is also slightly lower compared to our standard deep cycle AGM batteries.

How much energy is in a 100 Ah battery?

So now we know that our 100Ah battery needs to deliver an average of 40 watts per hour, but the energy used is not the same day and night - more energy is used during the day when the door is opened regularly. Let's assume the average of 40 watts per hour.

How many solar panels does it take to charge a 100Ah battery?

You need a 240 watt solar panel to charge your 100 Ah battery in 5 hours or 2 120 watt panels connected in series.

The advantages at a glance
  • Innovative deep-cycle technology for the highest cyclic loads
  • Higher charging capacity to be able to absorb additional energy
  • Suitable for dual applications (drive and on-board battery)
  • twice the cycle life and very low self-discharge
  • filled, charged, maintenance-free according to DIN/EN, with integrated leakage protection
  • very good continuous current behavior, optimized for photovoltaic systems
  • Good performance at low state of charge, ideal for renewable energy
  • Very fast charging property and high reliability

Technical table

Model JM12-100
battery type general assembly
nominal voltage 12V
nominal capacity 100 Ah
shape life ten years
terminal M8
Approx weight Approx. 28.5kg (62.8lbs)
container material Section
rated capacity 100Ah 10-hour rate (10.0A to 10.8V)
80.7Ah 3-hour rate (26.9A to 10.8V)
65.5Ah 1 hour rate (65.5A to 10.5V)
internal resistance Fully charged at 25˚C: 10.0 mΩ
max discharge current 1200A (5S)
operating temperatur Discharge: -20~50℃ (-4~122˚F)
Charge: -20~50℃ (-4~122˚F)
Storage: -20~50℃ (-4~122˚F)
Charging method (25˚C) Charging Current: Max 25A; Recommended 10A
Float charge voltage (-3mV/℃): 13.5-13.8V, recommended 13.5V (full floating system) 13.5-13.8V, recommended 13.62V (cycle use system)
Equalizing charge: 13.8-14.1 V, recommended 14.1 V (-4 mV/ ˚C)
Cycle charge: 14.4-15.0V, recommended 14.4V (-5mV/˚C)
self-discharge 3% of capacity decreased per month at 25°C

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