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Verifiable Credential: Emission Factor - Electricity - Germany (Month)

Verifiable Credential: Emission Factor - Electricity - Germany (Month)

Nachweis Emissionsfaktor, Unabhängig überprüfbar, Tagesgenauer Emissionsfaktor (auf Anfrage), Digitale Nachweisführung, Deutschlandbezug

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With the Verifiable Credential (VC), the verification of the emission factor used is carried out as part of a sustainability balance (Scope 2 - electricity). The VC allows the correctness of the conversion from kilowatt hours to grams of CO₂ equivalents (CO₂eq) used for the calculation to be checked.

  • Open, global standard for digital verification
  • Independently verifiable
  • Emission factor to the day possible on request (only on request).
  • Uncomplicated delivery as a DID document

You receive

Digitally verifiable proof of the emission factor of electrical power obtained in Germany for one month (from 2017) based on the open W3 standard for digital verification and reporting.

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