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Trina 425 TSM-DE09R.08 Vertex S

Trina 425 TSM-DE09R.08 Vertex S

Hohe Leistung, hoher Wirkungsgrad, robuste Bauweise, zertifiziert, langfristige Garantie.

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The Trina 420 TSM-DE09R.05 Vertex S solar module is a high-quality monocrystalline module from the renowned manufacturer Trina Solar. With an output of 420 watts and an impressive efficiency of 21.0%, this solar panel offers efficient and reliable energy production from sunlight. It is equipped with the latest technology and is characterized by its high stability and robust construction.

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The Trina 420W solar panel delivers an impressive 420 watts of power, allowing for efficient power generation.
  • High efficiency: With an efficiency of 21.0%, the module uses solar energy efficiently and optimizes the energy yield.
  • Robust construction: The module has a black module frame and a black backsheet, which ensures an elegant look and increased stability.
  • High snow load and wind load: The module is suitable for various environmental conditions with a snow load of up to 6,000 Pa and a wind load of up to 4,000 Pa.
  • Certified and tested: The module is certified according to IEC and meets the highest quality standards.
  • Long-term warranty: The module comes with a 15-year product warranty on workmanship and a 25-year performance warranty.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 420 watts
  • Number of cells: 144 monocrystalline cells (210 mm cells in thirds), with an arrangement of 5 × 12 cells per module half
  • Efficiency: 21.0%
  • Dimensions: 1762 × 1134 × 30 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 21.8kg
  • Connector: MC4 EVO2
  • Cable length on the module: 1100 mm (landscape)
  • Snow load: up to 6,000 Pa
  • Wind load: up to 4,000 Pa
  • Current in impp: 10.17 A
  • Short-circuit current Isc: 10.69 A
  • Power Temperature Coefficient: -0.34%/°C


  • IEC certified
  • Module with its electrical properties can be used like known half-cell modules
  • High-density cell connection technology for higher module efficiency
  • Multi-busbar technology
  • 30 mm frame height, very stable
  • System design and planning exactly as previously known
  • 15-year product guarantee on workmanship
  • 25 year performance guarantee

The Trina 420 TSM-DE09R.05 Vertex S solar panel is an excellent choice for reliable and sustainable energy production and is ideal for use in various solar systems, whether residential or commercial. With its high performance and long-term guarantee, the module offers a sound investment in the future of clean energy generation.

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