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Trina 430 TSM-NEG9R.28 Vertex S+ double lens

Trina 430 TSM-NEG9R.28 Vertex S+ double lens

Hohe Leistung, Hoher Wirkungsgrad, Robuste Bauweise, N-Type Technologie, Langfristige Garantie

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The Trina 430 TSM-NEG9R.28 Vertex S+ double glass solar module is a powerful module from the renowned manufacturer Trina Solar. With an impressive output of 430 watts and a high efficiency of 21.3%, this solar panel offers efficient and reliable energy production from sunlight. It is specially designed for difficult environmental conditions and high fire resistance requirements.

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The Trina 430W solar panel delivers an impressive 430 watts of power, allowing for efficient power generation.
  • High efficiency: With an efficiency of 21.3%, the module uses solar energy efficiently and optimizes the energy yield.
  • Rugged Construction: The module features a black module frame and white backsheet and is equipped with strong double glass, which offers excellent resistance to fire and harsh environmental conditions.
  • High snow load and wind load: With a snow load of up to 5,400 Pa and a wind load of up to 4,000 Pa, the module is suitable for various environmental conditions.
  • N-Type Technology: The module uses N-type technology with only 1% degradation in the first year and 0.4% in years 2-30, which ensures long-term high performance.
  • Certified and tested: The module does NOT have an A1 fire protection certificate.
  • Long-term warranty: The module comes with a 25-year product warranty on workmanship and a 30-year performance warranty.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 430 watts
  • Number of cells: 144 monocrystalline cells
  • Efficiency: 21.3%
  • Dimensions: 1762 × 1134 × 30 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 21.1kg
  • Connector: MC4 EVO2/TS4
  • Cable length on the module: 1100 mm (portrait)
  • Snow load: up to 5,400 Pa
  • Wind load: up to 4,000 Pa
  • Power Temperature Coefficient: -0.30%/°C


  • Excellent resistance to fire and severe environmental conditions
  • N-type technology with 1% degradation in the first year and 0.4% in years 2-30
  • Multi-busbar technology
  • 30 mm frame height, very stable
  • System design and planning exactly as previously known
  • 25-year product guarantee on workmanship
  • 30 year performance guarantee

The Trina 430 TSM-NEG9R.28 Vertex S+ double-glazed solar panel offers reliable and long-term energy production and is ideal for use in demanding environments and where fire resistance requirements are high. With its high performance and long-term guarantee, the module is a reliable investment in a sustainable and efficient energy future.

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